Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ring Things

We got super busy making some pretty special rings today - and I have to say - some were very, very special.  Christi (in all her awesomeness) would continually demo different bits and pieces for anyone who wanted to learn more and today saw her demo one of her little curled up critters for Phil.  Check out the ring he ended up making - and when you consider this is the first time he's touched clay - it's pretty spectacular.

Wendy and her special rose ring.

A personal demo - yay!!

....and a beautiful yellow rose ring.

What beautiful colours.

and here's Phil.

...and here's his critter ring.  Awesome work Phil.

Floral Fantasy

.....and more yummy flowers made today.  Who would have thought Christi knew how to make so many different flowers!!  This was a fun workshop with some great finished pieces coming out of the ovens.  Looks like flowers are a hit in Mullewa.
A mother/daughter team here today - lots of fun.

Busy, busy, busy.

...but flower making makes us happy.

Check out the great piece around Janine's neck (on the very left).  

and some of the finished pieces.

Christi Goes Back to School

What a super duper treat for some very lucky kids in Mullewa today.  Christi visited Our Lady of Mt Carmel school in Mullewa and showed the kids how to make "Glow in the Dark Gremlins".  They got creative - very creative....and had heaps of fun in the process.

What a nutter!!  Who is this crazy American lady??

A helping hand from Christi.


Okay so this is the first time I've seen Christi look serious in a photo!!!

Some of the finished pieces.

....and more very creative gremlins.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dragons with Geraldton Senior College!

It was all puff and fire at Geradlton Senior College today with D & T students making a sensational bunck of dragons with Christi Friesen.

Heaps of Hearts!

Today we were all loved up with hearts a plenty. In Christi's unique style there were an array of techniques and themes to please everyone!

Cheeky Monkey - AKA Christi Friesen

The Queen of hearts herself!

Garden Gamut!

Today was a special day for Mullewa residents only where Christi showed us the moves to make some amazing flowers and bugs.

The Mullewa Crew!

Dragon Fly Army!!!

Our first night time class with Chridti Friesen saw a workshop bursting at the seams where a whole army of stunning Dragonfly's were created.

Everyone was hard at it!

Our enthusiastic Dragonfly crew!

Moths and all things winged!

Today it was all about beautful winged things, moths, butterflys and dragonflys. Christi and her wonderful ability to make the seemingly difficult project so super easy saw a bunch of novice clayers making some amazing moths!