Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Christi Friesen hits Mullewa!

It’s our first day of workshops with the super enthusiastic, internationally renowned artist Christi Friesen. She’s a ball of energy and you can’t help but be taken on her ride of passion and fun with her love of polymer clay. She makes the seemingly impossible super easy with her step by step instructions and bountiful encouragement. She is a natural teacher and I expect this is only the beginning of what will be an amazing little adventure into her magical world of polymer clay creatures……today it was elephants and the cutest of cute bunnies!

A buffet of colour to create with!

Getting into the detail of it.

Christi with her finished product!

Arent they just stunning!

Not bad for a bunch of beginners.

There are no words for how cute these little dudes, love, love!
A BIG thank you everyone who took part today! Yay!

It was a great first day and it was awesome to see so many make the trip from Geraldton to join us in little old Mullewa to play with clay, a special big 'yay' to the three ladies who made their very first trip to Mullewa ever.  

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mullewa District High School

The bug problem in Mullewa is getting worse by the day and authorities are having trouble identifing these strange, colourful bugs and exatly where they are coming from!

The Bugs are here!!

Our super duper local tutor Sam Messina takes the kids through the steps of Bodocious bug creation?

Its serious business this bug creation!

The high school students went hard at it makeing some rocking Gremlins!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School - Mullewa

The students at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School in Mullewa had a great time clowning around with clay and making some super awesome 'Pet Rocks' and 'Bodacious Bugs'.

The students took the creation of their bugs very seriously as they dressed the part to clown around with clay!

Mullewa is under attack from a colourful swam of unidentifed bugs!

Each bug just like the student that created it has its own very unique charater and style!

Eliza Thomas helping the students bring their pet rocks to life!

Its not a pet rock until it is smothered in glitter!

Our pet rocks waiting to go home to their new families.

Sam Messina giving the students the run down on pet rock logistics!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St Francis Primary School

This afternoon we joined a great little class (well I guess 31 kids is not really that little) and Eliza headed the class up today so I got to cut out bug wings and help out.  These kids were beyond excited.  We arrived a bit early to set up and the kids were chomping at the bit by the time we got to start the class.  We've got the routine  pretty well down-pat by now and I reckon we could teach this class with our eyes closed.  It never gets boring though.  To see the looks on these kids faces as their bug (or whatever creation) comes to life before their eyes is amazing and so incredibly rewarding.  Thanks to Pam for being such a great sport and letting us make a mess in her ever-so-neat classroom.

Looks like we get the thumbs up!!


Happy to be making bugs.

The teachers bug!!

and the finished collection.  What an impressive lot.

Rangeway Primary School

Glitter glitter everywhere!!! - what could be nicer.
Another bunch of awesome students joined Eliza and myself today - with crazy hair and all.  These kids were keen and eager to get creating.  We had a large group today - 36 in total so it made for a very squishy class but we loved it all the same - as did the kids......and these students especially loved their glitter - we had it everywhere.  We managed to create some awesome stripes in this group which was such a hit with the kids. It's so rewarding to see them create something they're so proud of.  Thanks to everyone for making this such a great class for Eliza and myself.

Hard at work and very crazy looking!!

Proud of their bugs that's for sure.

....and happy!!

everyone had to get a pic because they were all so sensational.

awesome creations.

Check out these incredible bugs.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Allendale Primary School

24 of the nicest kids joined me today in the specialist art room ready for a very creative session.  We made bugs yet again and I have to say, even though I've now done many, many bug workshops the creativity of these kids astound me.  There's always something different, something unique and something quite out there. Who would have thought bugs could be sooooooo incredibly cool.  I especially loved some of the bugs in this class - probably my favourite was the one with "dreadies"!!!  Thanks to all the great kids today for making this such a fantastic session and also thanks to the wonderful teachers for all your help.
Totally loving my bug.

Really happy with their finished products.

These bugs are pretty addictive.

Hard at work creating.

A bevy of beautiful bugs (check out the one with "dreadies" down the front).

Strathalbyn Christian College

Another lively bunch of students today (28 in total) all eager to get creating.  Our bugs spirals worked a treat in this class with some very cool looking bodies created.  The film crew from Dragonfly Media joined us today as well (they're working on a documentary about the project) but we took it all in our stride.  I missed Eliza today but the kids ended up being so good we didn't really need any extra adult hands.  Thanks to them all for being extra special today and making my job lots and lots of fun.  Feedback from this class was extra special.

Hard at work.

Definately hooked on polymer clay.

Even the teachers have fun in our classes.

Mark from Dragonfly Media.

and precious bugs baked and ready to go to their new homes.

Holland Street School

Monday afternoon sees Eliza and myself head off the Holland Street School which is a school purpose built for students with special needs.  I have to say this was one of the most amazing experiences I've had so far - I'm sure Eliza would probably say the same.  Eliza headed the class and taught these wonderful kids (and carers) how to make polymer clay rocks and what amazing rocks we ended up with.  The kids had such a great time (as did we all) and made some of  THE most incredible rocks I've ever seen.  The workshop here was a hit.

A special rock indeed.

Very proud of her creation.

The finished rocks.

Looks like a new friend.

Precious cargo.

Eliza doing an amazing job.

A little shy but very happy.

Very, very proud.