Sunday, February 12, 2012

First Workshop Since Coming Home

What an amazing, brilliant, energetic, funny, exhilirating and totally exhausting day I had yesterday. It was simply sensational. Since coming back from the states I've sat down and reworked how I run my workshops and implemented small changes that I thought would improve things - have to say I love the new workshop formula. The classes are now running for 4 hours with full colour lesson plans of the workshop emailed to students the day after (that's my job to do today). I also used to run my workshops technique based rather than project based and this was one of the first things I changed. For me this works much better and the results at the end are proof of that.

So our project was sculptured flower pendants from skinner blend bullseye canes. We then reduced the canes, shaped them and created small flowers for earrings. Here's a few pics to share.

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