Thursday, May 30, 2013

Painting Floral Imagery

Donna has delivered us with some magic for her final project! Firstly I must say that there are NO paints used in this project.  This creation is constructed using only Kato Clay and a whole lot of skill and love!!

Deb, assisting our participants with some blending of clays using our very tired pasta machines.

Check out the colours achieved with the blending. Now for some rolling of canes........


....and tahdah...... one cane!

Donna weaving her magic with more canes.

Look at that. Not a paint brush in sight. That's Donna Kato magic and she was very generous to share her magic and techniques with us here in Mullewa. We are blessed!!

These are the creations of some very clever ladies here in Mullewa now, after spending a week soaking up Donna's knowledge and skills with Kato Clay.

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