Friday, December 2, 2011

Awesome Donna Kato Bangle

So using the same components we used for the big bead we decided to create ourselves a pretty yummy bangle.

I learnt some great little tips and tricks in this one so hope I've got my notes written up well (must check and make sure I understand them....)

So first a black bangle base was made and decorated with some of the zipper cane spirals. Oh my gosh - I just love these spirals.

More spirals.

A pink clay "inner" was added to increase strength and then pink logs added to the rim for effect.

Bulls eye cane dots were added here......

and here....and reduced and added - yummy bangle.
This one ended up too small for me so will make a great pressie for darling daughter Dusty.


  1. lovely lovely bangle deb!!:) i love all of your posts about the Clay Carnival!!:)

  2. hey Rocky - thanks love. Nice to see you too by the way.