Monday, January 23, 2012

Fun with Lesson Plans

Oh my gosh I soooo love playing with clay - even doing lesson plans are fun for me (although I could easily leave the picture taking to someone else). Just want to show you some of the finished pieces I've been doing lesson plans for - all is going freaking fantastic.

A cross between the woody technique taught at the Clay Carnival by Kim Cavender and Christi Friesens gremlins.

Imagery cane (my signature cane). Kathi from Bakersfield taught me this one.

Some painted clay tube beads. This one was inspired by Donna Kato who taught me the faux silscreening. This is a variation on that technique.

Awesome flowers and leaf sculptures. Christi taught me the leaves and how to put it all together and I came up with some of my own flower designs to give it a twist.

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