Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Painted, burny bits!

Debbie has been bringing me up to speed with some of the amazing stuff I missed out on
while we create more lesson plans. Today we are working on Dona Katos painted clay technique...which by the way...I Lurve to bits!

Debbie has some baking trays she found in a second hand shop that she thought 
would work well to form polymer clay and bake it on.

Good plan but something went wrong. Half way through the baking a little smelly 
smoke wofted from the oven alerting us all was not well!

Oh, my lovely painted bits are now a little bit burny, bubbly and flat out burnt! 
Oh my! We are not sure exactly what happened, maybe the oil etc left on the 
baking tray from previous cakey baking! Who know...?

Back to the drawing board!

1 comment:

  1. eew - great pic there Rachel. Can't believe I burnt our bits!! Even the greatest clayers burn bits (so I've found out). The baking tray, needless to say has gone into the rubbish bin, never to be used again. I have baked the new ones we draped over the light globes and they turned out beautiful. Better get some pics.