Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Christi Friesen hits Mullewa!

It’s our first day of workshops with the super enthusiastic, internationally renowned artist Christi Friesen. She’s a ball of energy and you can’t help but be taken on her ride of passion and fun with her love of polymer clay. She makes the seemingly impossible super easy with her step by step instructions and bountiful encouragement. She is a natural teacher and I expect this is only the beginning of what will be an amazing little adventure into her magical world of polymer clay creatures……today it was elephants and the cutest of cute bunnies!

A buffet of colour to create with!

Getting into the detail of it.

Christi with her finished product!

Arent they just stunning!

Not bad for a bunch of beginners.

There are no words for how cute these little dudes, love, love!
A BIG thank you everyone who took part today! Yay!

It was a great first day and it was awesome to see so many make the trip from Geraldton to join us in little old Mullewa to play with clay, a special big 'yay' to the three ladies who made their very first trip to Mullewa ever.  

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