Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Leaning Tree Community School

and the teeniest kids I've worked with so very cute too and so incredibly excited to have a visitor.   22 great kids, 2 teachers, the education assistant and the principal all joined me for a fun session of bug making.  I tweaked the project a little to cater for the littles in the class but was still challenging enough to keep the older ones in the class engaged.  As the lesson went on and our bug started to take shape, the more excited they got.  I couldn't have managed this class without the wonderful help of the adults with us - so to you all, a huge thanks.  And special thanks to the kids for making this workshop one to remember.
The quote of the day came from a gorgeous little girl in this class - she said to me "I was really frightened when you came in cause I've never seen anyone with red hair - but you're a nice lady"  LOL

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