Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nagle Catholic College

25 students in this workshop and how fantastic they were.  This group were year 7's and were very very excited (actually I think nearly every child we've worked with has been excited about our visits).  Eliza headed the class again and did a superb job (she's a natural at teaching children).  We created gremlins today and gave them all sorts of goodies to "characterise" them with.  We had feathers, nails, coiled wire, bolts etc - you name it, we had it.  It's fun to get the majority of the clay sculpting done and then let them loose on the supplies to create their masterpieces.  These guys sat around the oven waiting for them to bake they were that excited.  The art teachers were incredibly impressed with polymer clay are looking at working more with polymer clay in the future.  Thanks so much to everyone at Nagle for making us feel so welcome and for being brilliant students.

A captivated crowd.

Hard at work sculpting.

The fun part.

Gorgeous gremlins.

What a great group shop.

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