Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St Francis Primary School

This afternoon we joined a great little class (well I guess 31 kids is not really that little) and Eliza headed the class up today so I got to cut out bug wings and help out.  These kids were beyond excited.  We arrived a bit early to set up and the kids were chomping at the bit by the time we got to start the class.  We've got the routine  pretty well down-pat by now and I reckon we could teach this class with our eyes closed.  It never gets boring though.  To see the looks on these kids faces as their bug (or whatever creation) comes to life before their eyes is amazing and so incredibly rewarding.  Thanks to Pam for being such a great sport and letting us make a mess in her ever-so-neat classroom.

Looks like we get the thumbs up!!


Happy to be making bugs.

The teachers bug!!

and the finished collection.  What an impressive lot.

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