Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rangeway Primary School

Glitter glitter everywhere!!! - what could be nicer.
Another bunch of awesome students joined Eliza and myself today - with crazy hair and all.  These kids were keen and eager to get creating.  We had a large group today - 36 in total so it made for a very squishy class but we loved it all the same - as did the kids......and these students especially loved their glitter - we had it everywhere.  We managed to create some awesome stripes in this group which was such a hit with the kids. It's so rewarding to see them create something they're so proud of.  Thanks to everyone for making this such a great class for Eliza and myself.

Hard at work and very crazy looking!!

Proud of their bugs that's for sure.

....and happy!!

everyone had to get a pic because they were all so sensational.

awesome creations.

Check out these incredible bugs.


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