Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Precious Quotes

...and so what do we do with 20+ excited students while bugs and gremlins are baking - we get them to write about their experience with polymer clay.  Makes for incredible reading material - here's a sample:

Tia - Year 3/4
I like rolling the colours and my other thing I like was making my wings and making it flexible and playing with the clay.

Liam - Year 6
My bug was red/silver/pink and my favourite features of it were the face and antenna.  I had lots of fun at the workshop and I hope to come again.

Reilly - Year 7
Today we done creative stuff with polymer clay.  It's manmade so we got to make little bugs.  It was fun because I like art and art was fun, it's fun making art.

Matthew - Year 6

I liked rolling the clay and how it felt.  My bugs name is Michael Clark.

Klay - Year 6

I liked the rolling of the clay and the smooth bits of it.  My buddies name is humpty dumpty.

Charlize - Year 3
Fun making bugs, making a marble, making it flexible.  I like rolling it.  I like playing with it.

Athallah - Year 4
It is fun when we mixed the colours together.  It's creative, it's colourful, it's flexible, it's beautiful.

Keep a look out for more precious quotes from precious children.

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