Tuesday, March 5, 2013

John Willcock Senior College

WOW - what an incredibly rewarding this class was.  Eliza and I both joined about 12, Year 9 students to get creative making gremlins.  We heard lots of "aw I can't do that" and "like I'm so not arty" but in the end even the toughest of these kids had fun.  The most incredible part for us as instructors was reading the worksheet the kids wrote up while their gremlins were baking , powerful and very rewarding.

Many thanks to Christi Friesen for her permission to teach her "ghoulie" workshop.

Having fun with clay.

Rolling beads at the end of the workshop.

Clever creation from the art teacher.

A "Ghast of Gremlins"
Thanks so much to everyone at John Willcock - we had so much fun.

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