Saturday, March 9, 2013

Geraldton Senior College

Time to work with some bigger students - 22 of them in fact.  Eliza and I both joined some very talented Year 10 students at the local Senior High School.  Working with some very firm clay was a bit of a challenge but it all worked out fine in the end.  This group of students created symbolic beads using a technique of pushing clay into handmade molds and then slicing off and placing on a pre-made bead.  I'll be heading back to work with this group of students again, firstly to antique their beads then might get them to work with some softer clay and create some of the bugs the smaller kids have been working on.  It'll be interesting to see their take on the bugs.  Huge thanks to Craig Clark (teacher) and all the students for making our visit so rewarding.

Conditioning, conditioning, conditioning!!!

Happily working on beads.

and more conditioning.

In the oven baking - soon to be coloured.

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