Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Waggrakine Primary School

Phew!!! this was an incredible morning........and very frantic.  Waggrakine Primary School is the school all my kids have gone to - my daughter Dusty is in Year 7 there.  Special circumstances surrounded the workshop at this school.  2 weeks ago some vandals broke into the school and burnt down our administration block completely - so main office, principals and deputys offices - the whole thing - everything was lost!!  It was incredibly distressing for everyone and will be some years before everything is back on track.  As all the Year 7's are in the one double classroom (yes all 62 of them) the art teacher had asked me if I would consider doing the workshop with all of them - how on earth could I say no.  So with 5 helpers and lots and lots of eager children we set about creating bugs......and what amazing bugs we created.  Thanks so much to everyone who helped out on the day - you are all very very special.

these kids were so engaged - awesome!

Tiana created a sensational bug.

Nick was so proud of his bug.

Hard at work - but lots of distractions.

A large variety of incredible bugs!!

My gorgeous daughter and her beautiful creation.

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  1. WOW what a blast from the past, i just stumbled across this 3 and a half years later i still have Sophie's bug on the shelf next to the phone. And thank you for the beautiful photos and smiles we see. Carrie