Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Over the last two days I saw snow, had lunch high in the mountains, went to the most amazing second hand shop in the world and played with clay for two whole days with none other than the fantastically brilliant and very talented Jana Roberts Benzon. Can life get any better????
I took lots of very cool pics which I will tease you with and show you just a few every now and then so keep a look out.
Snow on the grass right next to the hotel.

The amazingly talented and very gorgeous Jana.

Check out the ultra cool shape of this gorgeous bead - oh and I made this one - yay!!!

My partly finished organic brooch. This was a very cool technique.

That's it for now guys.......time for's Las Vegas tomorrow - woohoo!!!!!!!!!!


  1. These look amazing Deb! Very cool indeed!So nice to see a pic of the Lovely Jana! Look forward to meeting her sometime in the future!

  2. Thanks love. Yup you absolutely have to meet Jana - wanna bring her downunder too. Aussie Clay Carnival perhaps!!!!!!!!