Saturday, November 12, 2011

Las Vegas Clay Carnival - My First Day Alone in the Big City!!!!

So, finally I make it to the clay carnival in Las Vegas. What a crazy city. It's total madness and mayhem. I'm staying at the Imperial Palace which is where the clay carnival is taking place also. There are 8 instructors who come around to us so we have two half-day workshops a day.

Massive shopping mall on "The Strip".
Karen from Cypress.
Sandee from Australia.
Chieko from Japan.
These are just some of the friends I made here. What a great time we had.


  1. Debbie, thank you again for all your support. I was always behind at the class and you helped me a lot. Your works are all bloody beatiful! I promise that I keep working on clays. I will try my best to be like you! - Miss you a lot, Chieko xxx

  2. Chieko - you are just bloody beautiful mate. What fun we had hey. I'm gonna try my best to be like you love. Miss you lots and lots. xxxxx