Friday, November 18, 2011

Las Vegas Clay Carnival - Kim Cavender

Day 3 of clay carnival (afternoon class) saw us working with the incredible Kim Cavender. I remember I saw some of Kims poker chips (made for the clay carnival about 3 years ago) and was in total awe of her work. They were little organic sand dollar like creations covered with alcohol ink - just beautiful. I've wanted to do a class with Kim for a long time as I love the organic style of her work. What a great class this was. Simple technique but can be interpreted in so many way. Loved this class Kim - thanks so much.

Kim and myself - yay!!

These are some of Kims amazing creations.

These are some of my creations. More pics to follow of work I managed to complete.

These are some of the pieces created by students in the class.

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