Saturday, November 26, 2011

Final Pics from Clay Play with Christi

I had the best time playing with clay with Christi. I learnt alot of different bits and pieces that I hadn't learnt in my travels so far so I'm getting such a wide variety of different techniques - it's fantastic.

I think this pics on it's side actually but you get the idea. Some great techniques learnt in this piece. I love the way Christi smoodges the clay into a base piece - awesome!!! This piece is not finished yet - will be doing that at home.
This is my little gremlin guy (I forget what Christi calls them) but they are so cute and really easy to do. I can see lots of potential for this little guy.

While working in the studio with Christi she very kindly let me use her tools and I have to admit, if you don't have these little babies then you seriously need to think about getting them. They are simply awesome. They have letters stamped on them which I tired to get in this pic but didn't but I do remember one has the letters GHI on it - guess what this stands for - "Gotta Have It"!!!! Love it. The others have names too - better check out her website for more info on these.
I had a great time with Christi (as you can see). Thanks so much for everything - it was awesome.

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