Saturday, November 26, 2011

Playing in Christi's Studio

I have to admit being in Christ's studio was a real treat for me. All four walls were covered with shelving and on all shelves were boxes, bags, jars, containers, tins..........filled to the brim with goodies. Oh she had some goodies on those shelves. My jaw hit the floor when I walked in for the very first time. With Christi's permision she allowed me to take a couple of pics of how she organises her "stuff". Christi sure has some beautiful "stuff".

This is the table where we worked and the thing I loved about this was the way Christi organises her clay. You can see the coloured clay on the table?....well she has glass containers with lids and in each one has all the shades of blue clay, then one with green clay, brown and so on. She simply grabs from the containers and away she goes. It was fantastic to see her work.
One of Christi's awesome pieces on one of her many shelves. Freaking gorgeous!!!

Not a very good pic this one but there was simply treasures to be found everywhere. No matter where I looked I saw something exciting. It was soooooooooo awesome!!

The is the very awesomely organised mica powder tray and glitter tray. These boxes were perched precariously on a small fold out table which we had to be ever so careful not to knock over. It almost went a few times but we managed the whole two days without any drama. You'll also notice some chalks on this table too. Christi works with alot of chalks and I have to say they are pretty dam good.

.......and how's these little guys - unbelievably cute. The pieces on the very right of the pic are some of Christi's work that has been cast by an artist that she knows. The are so amazing in real life. I'm pretty sure she has them for sale so might be worthwhile checking it out.

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