Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Las Vegas Clay Carnival - Leslie Blackford

Our fourth workshop was something that I thought would be totally out of my creative range. Surprise, surprise - with the talent of our wonderful teacher, everyone in the class managed to create the most incredible story boxes. This was a sculptural lesson and I got so into the sculpture part that I completely forgot to take pics of the work in progress. I've included a pic of the frog head on it's spring and then the finished piece. This was a really fun class - I just loved it. The top pic here shows the lovely Leslie Blackford and myself.

This is my little frog head partly in progress and the little box we will decorate.

This is my little frog all antiqued and in his box home.

Another view showing his little rock and flower home.

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  1. Is not Leslie just the bomb? I took a class from her and Judy over in Ventura a year ago and Leslie gave me a "Munchie" head. I love her to death!