Monday, November 14, 2011

Las Vegas Clay Carnival - Donna Kato

Second Workshop With Donna Kato - woohoo!!!
I completely forgot to get a pic of Donna and myself (will wait until I'm at her studio) so have just included this one. This was at the pizza party on the last night. Can't quite believe I'm here (have to pinch myself!!!!).

Pic below shows some of the components that went into creating this gorgeous pendant. We made a zigzag cane, triangle cane and faux bone sheet clay. This was a great project and was fantastic to learn how to create the zigzag cane. I might even be able to repeat it at home - yay!!

The finished piece, antiqued and all. I had alot of fun with this project. Another cane up my belt - yay!! (maybe I could become a caner after all...........).
Thanks Donna - this was a fantastic class - I really enjoyed it.


  1. I'm so glad you are blogging! Have you met my friend Terri, from Philly? Say "hi" to Donna for me.

  2. Hey Kate, I did meet Terri. She came up and introduced herself to me which was great. Thanks so much for thinking of me. Had a fantastic time and learnt so much. Was great to finally meet some of these amazing people. Will be seeing Donna again soon so will pass on your hello then.