Thursday, November 17, 2011

Las Vegas Clay Carnival - Bettina Welker

The third day of the clay carnival (and yes I'm still full of enthusiasm and vigour - even though at this stage I had seen little daylight!!) sees us with a wonderful instructor in Bettina. This was a great little project with tips on colour mixing with kato concentrates and a slightly technical clasp mechanism to this necklace. The clasp component is incoporated into the main focal piece at the front. Very clever.

This is the lovely and very talented Bettina and myself (I have to point out Bettina wears some of the coolest pants I've ever seen).

Align Center
The yummy, slightly sorbet coloured clay mixes ready for the next step.

The first part of the pendant component, a yummy sky blue mica shift.

The finished piece. I really love the way this all links together at the front. Very clever.
Thanks Bettina - this was a great project.

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