Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Las Vegas Clay Carnival - Judy Belcher

What fun we're having in Las Vegas. The days are long but it doesn't matter. I think I saw two minutes of daylight yesterday. The morning class runs from 8.30am until 12.30pm. Lunch until 2.00 and then the afternoon class runs from 2.00pm until 6.00pm. Most of us worked well through lunch and then probably up until about 6.30pm. The second day saw us take a class from the very funny and talented Judy Belcher. Our workshop was striped beads and spirals to create a bangle. My spirals didn't turn out too well but the striped beads were fantastic and learnt quite a few tips and tricks in this class.

Boy did we have fun getting this pic taken!!!!

Align Center
Striped beads - lovely. So many possibilities. Lots of great tips came up in this class also. Will have to go over my notes to make sure I understand them all - haha - may have to rewrite while they are all still fresh in my mind.

The finished pieces ready to be made up - will do this one at home I think and have a go at the spirals again. Great class. Thanks so much Judy for being a brilliant teacher and making the class so much fun.


  1. I so loved meeting you Debbie! Stay in touch!

  2. You betcha Judy. I loved meeting you too - hey maybe we could be new bff's??????