Friday, November 25, 2011

Fun, Fun and More Fun With Christ

So after the chaos of Las Vegas I found myself on a lovely bus with a great bus driver who took me all the way to Lancaster in California. He showed me all sorts of great things on the way - kinda like a private tour - it was so awesome. I even managed to have a little sleep as well which was fantastic. I arrived in Lancaster to be greeted by the Christi's husband who then drove me all the way to Tehachapi. I got another tour of this part of the state and it was simply awesome. The wind farm just outside of their town was incredible. Scott dropped me off at the hotel and I settled in and then we all met up to go out for dinner. What a brilliant start to this leg of the journey.

Christi came and picked me up the next day and took me to her studio and that's where the fun began. It took me a while to look around there was just so much yummy stuff......and then the claying began. I took heaps of pics so will show you a few bits and pieces over the next couple of days.

Christi takes a great pic.
Look what I made - I learnt some amazing techniques from Christi - I'm just so grateful. Gobsmackingly gorgeous stuff.
........and look at this little mini scene on a ring.........awwwwwwwwww!!!

More great pics to follow.......stay tuned..........


  1. Wow, Deb. Just got caught up on this amazing journey of yours! Not only Clay Carnival but all that face-time with so many incredible artists! Wow. My keyboard is wet with drool. Great blog and what a wonderful adenture.


  2. Hey Cindy - how are you love? So glad you're enjoying the journey.xx