Saturday, November 12, 2011

In The Studio with Jana

Working in the studio with Jana was one of the most amazing experiences for me. I've never been to another clay artists studio before so this was something really special. It was great to see how Jana had her work space set up (and it even looked great after the major coffee spill the first 10 minutes into the first day!!). I was in awe at the amount of canes that filled this room......canes like I've never seen spilling out from every shelf. Canes I thought were incredible and perfect only to be told they were "the old ones". Simply unimaginable. There was scrap clay, scrap clay and even more scrap clay - in fact, scrap clay by the bucket load (one can never have enough scrap clay can they!!)...........and tucked under one of the shelves in a little plastic container I spied the label which read "My First Canes". Well I had to ask if we could look and wrapped neatly in deli paper were some of the very first canes this talented artist had ever created. Incredible........
Scrap clay - this only took a matter of minutes to be worked into a lovely great sheet that we could use. The wonders of the dream machine (it's now on my wish list!).
Some incredible pieces that I actually got to pick up and caress. My pics certainly don't do these amazing creations justice but had to take some anyway.
More amazing work from Jana.

Some of the incredible canes that have been made over the years.
And this is just something Jana whipped up while chatting..........
What an amazing experience it was to work with such a talented artist.
Thanks Jana.

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